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Reading & Reviewing Free Books

You may have noticed that many of the reviews on this blog have a disclaimer indicating that I received the book for free with an agreement to read it and post a review.  If you’re wondering how that works, here it is!

If you’re anything like me and you like to read (and if you’re reading this blog you at least like to read!), you probably like to find good deals on books.  Every year I get lots of gift certificates for places like Barnes & Noble or the Apple iBookstore so that I can buy books throughout the year.  But recently I discovered there’s an even more affordable way to locate books to read – and when I mean affordable I mean free.  If you have a personal blog and are willing to write a 200-300 word review of a book and post it in multiple places you may be eligible to participate in a Blogging for Books program.  Below are links to various blogging for books companies that give free books to reviewers.  When you sign-up you can request a book free of charge as long as you offer to write a review of it in multiple places (normally your own personal blog, the publishing companies’ homepage, and at least one other location like http://www.barnesandnoble.com, http://www.amazon.com, or even http://www.christianbook.com).  Links for each of these are also available on the left hand side of the screen.

Each of the companies sends you books for free – some before they are officially published – so that you can read them and offer reviews.  There are a wide variety of genres available – from theology to fiction to even new Bible translations – so if you read Christian books I’m sure you can find something of interest to you.  I’m also posting links to all of these under a page on this blog called “Free Books” which can be accessed at the top of the page.

If anyone knows of any other companies that do this please feel free to post a comment and share!

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